European Luggage


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European Luggage

To help mutual understanding among young people, with different social and cultural backgrounds
To increase the level of involvement of young people in local community


  • To become aware of the belonging to the European space by defining own cultural values
  • To understand the multiculturalism as a normal process and as a strong point of the richness and variety of life in common.
  • To develop a positive attitude, by acceptance and tolerance
  • To work in a multicultural team during the workshops and to enhance presentation, communication, acting and performing skills

The trip symbol could be described as a journey in another external reality but also represents an incursion in our internal reality. The values are gathered in our personal luggage which joins us everywhere, but it’s contains change every time, after every journey. We start with a luggage in our trip, with knowledge, expectations, feelings, fears, impressions and values and we exchange all these with the people we meet.


European Luggage ’08 [Bucharest, ROMANIA]

  • Theatre workshop – dialog of stereotypes transformed into a play, full of nuances and situations from our trip
  • Music workshop – traditional music and music of your group
  • Workshop about culture, intercultural, multiculturalism

Participant countries: Estonia, Georgia, Republic Moldova, Netherlands and Romania.

European Luggage ’09 – Democracy Echo [Traisteni / Valea Doftanei, Prahova, ROMANIA]

  • Workshop I -Forum Theatre and the game: “Albatrosienii”
  • Workshop II – Propaganda Campaigns
  • Workshop III – The simulation of the negotiations of a law in the European Parliament

Participant countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Romania and Turkey.

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