Recent Projects

  • “Lola Carnival (Urzelnlaufen)” (January 2007, Sibiu, Agnita – Romania) – official event of Sibiu European capital of culture 2007. The carnival of ”lolas” (Urzelnlaufen), dating back to the 18th century and originating in the town of Agnita, vanished together with the massive emigration of Transylvanian Saxons from Romania. The project aims at reviving the carnival, at adding a contemporary touch and at providing the conditions necessary to its perpetuation by cohabiting ethnic groups in the region. Link in English:
    and in Romanian:;
  • “Institutional transparency and democracy from down to up. The Consequences of the implementation of the function of Communitarian Lawyer administration institution, at the level of public regional and district administration” (May – December 2007) – Study regarding the issue of decisional transparency in local public administration and of the relation between citizens and state institutions of local administration.
  • The Romanian young people around the borders” (November – December 2007) documentary study regarding the social situation of young people in Republic Moldova with focus on educational system, supported and financed by ANSIT – Romania
  • “Building bridges of national cultures and intercultural dialogue” (August 2008, Sofia-Bulgaria) – international youth exchange organized in cooperation with youth associations from Bulgaria, Estonia, Turkey;
  • “European Luggage” (October 2008, Bucharest-Romania) – international youth exchange (multilateral with partner countries) organized in cooperation with youth associations from Estonia, Netherlands, Georgia, Rep. Moldova;

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