The new project Art’n'Go, launched in Lille in September 2009 with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, will give an opportunity to develop into sustainable productions, and present and promote in mainstream festivals between May and August 2011, a cluster of R&R best practice creative works representing the richness of cultural diversities within the R&R “family”.

These works will be based on original proposals coming from some of the young artists who have worked together in previous R&R projects and have shown to be most motivated and active, and who now become authors, directors and managers of their work.

Countries participating include Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Belgium and the UK.

One of the project’s main focus lies on the cultural dialogue between Eastern and Western Europe. This is why the project is led by Sziget Kulturalis, the company behind the Sziget Festival held annually in August in Budapest, having an increasing role of “bridge-builder” towards Eastern Europe within the R&R network.

  • More About Traffic in Bucharest…

The national workshop joined by the international and national coaches Pamela Barberi, Ruben Vandendriessche , Rafael Ugarteche, Catalin Vastagu, Eugen Imecs (Piti), Horatiu Serbanescu, gathered together new groups of Romanian participants for media and music experiences. The metamorphoses of the city life along with the self transforming, moods and emotions have been transposed in lively jam sessions for the delight of the public.
The enthusiasm of the young media talents for discovering more about documentary, VJing, playing with sounds and images, inspired the coaches for revealing more of their professional experience. The workshops have been focused on community involvement and interaction between audio -video disciplines, which through the practice of VJing opened new perspectives and enhanced the creativity documentary film techniques.
Back in Bucharest after one year, the 2011 experience – About Traffic has been a successful performance which will be presented in Florence at Fabrica Europa Festival 2011.

  • “About Traffic” – AUDIO – VIDEO  JAM SESSION

afis-wingsSambata 16 aprilie 2011 la WINGS CLUB [ | str. Mihai Eminescu 127 - fostul cinematograf "Viitorul"] vino sa vezi rezultatele workshopurilor de muzica si video “About Traffic” intr-un show unic de proiectie video si muzica LIVE:  “About Traffic – audio-video – Art’n'Go – JamSession”.

Din seria celor 4 povesti urbane About Traffic (Barcelona | Bucharest | Cologne | Florence) ai ocazia sa participi la un spectacol LIVE de muzica si video proiectii despre Bucuresti.

Evenimentul sustine Saptamana Europeana a Energiei Durabile [11-15 aprilie 2011] si este finantat de Programul CULTURA al Uniunii Europene.

In perioada 11 – 16 aprilie 2011 au loc workshopurile “About Traffic”

Workshopul media va avea loc la Carturesti Verona [ | Str. Arthur Verona 13-15]

Workshopul media este deschis pentru 7 tineri participanti pasionati de film si montaj. Pe parcursul celor 6 zile de workshop, avandu-i alaturi pe Pamela Barberi, Rafael Ugarteche, Ruben Vandendriessche, coordonatori cu experienta in domeniul multimedia, se va lucra la realizarea unui documentar video “About Traffic”.
Documentarul care se va realiza in Bucuresti va completa seria de 4 povesti urbane (Barcelona | Bucharest | Cologne | Florence).
Mai multe detalii poti gasi mai jos sau:

Workshopul de muzica va avea loc in A’live Club [ | Str. George Enescu 25]

Workshopul va urmari tot tema video “About Traffic”. Jam Session cu Catalin Vastagu, Eugen Imecs, Aurora Loffredo, Horatiu Serbanescu.

La workshopul de muzica se pot inscrie 7 tineri artisti muzicieni.

Inscrierile se fac pana pe data de 6 aprilie la adresa mihai.staicu[at]
Nu exista taxa de participare.

11-16 aprilie 2011

“About Traffic” – media & music workshops in Bucharest

For registration, please contact us at mihai.staicu [at]


Bucharest, Romania >
Music – A’live Club [ | Str. George Enescu 25]
Media – Carturesti Verona [ | Str. Arthur Verona 13-15]

CONCEPTThe workshops are opened to 7 musicians and 8 film makers (with no professional experience). For registration, please contact us at mihai.staicu [at]

The participants will discuss the manner of expression experienced by the group About Traffic, within the European project Art’n’Go, during the period of one year from the first workshop in Bucharest April 2010.

The workshop will be held by a group of young artists who conceived and developed the project under the coordination of Pamela Barberi, Catalin Vastagu, Rafael Ugarteche. Now, as peer coaches, they can share to other young Romanian artists their knowledge and experience.

The media workshop aims to create a documentary video (in sequence plan) that will complete the work of About Traffic, on 4 European cities (Bucharest, Barcelona, Cologne and Florence). The “soundtrack” of the documentary (in sequence plan) will be the result of a study on noise recorded in the street and on the potential of these sounds to alert the public to a better understanding of the problem of noise pollution, visual and environmental impacts.

The social documentary combines well with the emotional immediacy of a live performance: an interaction between audio and video in a context of performance improvisation.
During the music workshop a live jam session will take place, in which the musicians will process the recorded sounds and noises in the street in direct and develop VJ images taken on the ground in the streets. The video will also be used for VJing in live performance at the conclusion of the workshop.


The workshop is focused on community involvement and interaction between these two disciplines (audio-video), which through the practice of Vjing open new perspectives and executive creative documentary film. The workshop provides for active involvement of the film-maker also live stage, overcoming the traditional separation between documentary assembled in the studio and projected, unchanged, on a screen, and the changing of the performative creativity, never equal to itself.


> Introduction on the draft “About Traffic”

> Concepts on piano sequenza

> Production designer:

1. Classic concept of set design;
2. New Techniques for the virtual set;
3. Video footage and audio recording in the field.

> Composition:
1. Composition of melody based sound through jam session;
2. Composition in the recording studio.

> Production/Post-production audio:
1. Sound card;
2. Wiring;
3. Set up live performance and sound check;
4. Post-production.

> Production/Post-production video:
1. Selection and editing material shot in location;
2. Documentation of workshop backstage;
3. Shooting performance live.

Peer Coaches / On Stage

Video: Pamela Barberi, Rafael Ugarteche, Stefan Parlog, Ruben Vandendriessche.
Music: Catalin Vastagu, Eugen Imecs, Aurora Loffredo, Horatiu Serbanescu.

Necessary equipment/participant:

For media workshop:
- video camera;
- laptop (not mandatory).
For music workshop:
- instruments.

artngoThe first national workshop within Art’n’Go project took place in Bucharest from 12th to 18th of April, 2010, based on a project idea by Pamela Barberi (aka PamFiction) with the title About Traffic.

The media and music groups worked together at the Underworld Club on the same theme: is the traffic part of our mood, rhythm? is it a mean or an obstacle for communication?

The participants to the media group, coordinated by peer coaches Pamela Barberi and Rafael Ugarteche, have been shooting in the traffic of the city of Bucharest: a mix between a documentary and an analysis of the different moods in the urban context.

The musicians, coordinated by music master Pierre Level, have worked autonomously in a jam session that connected more and more directly with the video images, and joined in for the final visual-sound performances at Subbufet on April 16 and 18, where also the software experimented the week before in the “Expanded Scenography” workshop in Barcelona was tried out.

Art’n’Go – new routes to intercultural creativity

‘This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’






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