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Europe has always been a continent of migration and cultural diversity, and has drawn both cultural and economical wealth from this. Recently, the ongoing crises in Europe have lead to a rise of extreme right-wing and anti-European populism in many European countries, making worse the situation for immigrants and minorities in terms of racism and discrimination. Old manifestations of intolerance receive new vigour and new forms of racism, coupled with economic, social and political marginalisation of affected groups, deepen their exclusion from active social participation.

In November 2012 the new project “U-CARE – Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe” started, where 11 organisations in 8 countries join forces and pool their knowledge to combine an anti-racist/anti-discrimination peer coaching approach with urban culture and media. Young people with diverse cultural backgrounds (including the national majorities) will be educated in national seminars and an international summer academy 2013 to become U-CARE Junior Coaches. They will empower themselves to spread the message of increasing mutual understanding and combating racism and discrimination.

Being part of urban youth scenes themselves, they have potentials of reaching other young people that are mostly inaccessible for adults from social majority groups. Thus, the U-CARE Peer Coaches will carry the torch of respecting cultural diversity and deconstructing negative stereotypes on to other young people. Together with them, they will do workshops, run campaigns and create public events making the U-CARE message visible, reaching 1000+ young people all over Europe. After this project, the U-CARE Junior Coaches will be ready to run further activities on their own.

More: http://u-care.org

  • CALL FOR ARTISTS for international project U-CARE – Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe

La mare cautare tineri artisti pentru proiectul international Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe, pe scurt U-CARE.

Esti un tanar artist pasionat de media, muzica, dans, teatru? Ai maxim 30 de ani si iti place sa impartasesti din experienta ta si sa lucrezi in echipa?
Doresti sa experimentezi si sa te redescoperi alaturi de alti tineri prin exploatarea maxima a mijloacelor artistice?

Alatura-te echipei de artisti ai proiectului cultural, international si multidisciplinar U-CARE ! http://www.u-care.org/

Mai mult decat o experienta inedita cu tineri artisti europeni :
• vei putea experimenta rolul unui peer coach, facand parte din reteaua internationala de artisti Roots’n’Routes reprezentata de Fundatia EuroEst
• vei avea alaturi oameni care te vor invata cum sa lucrezi in echipe multiculturale
• vei face primii pasi in cariera de trainer, dezvoltand prin mijloace artistice si media noi abordari in lupta impotriva rasismului si discriminarii
• chiar tu si echipa ta veti sustine un eveniment public

Care este programul proiectului ?
• In primul rand, vei participa alaturi de alti 14 tineri artisti la un training de 5 zile în Bucuresti, in perioada 10-16 iunie 2013
• Poti face chiar tu parte din echipa de 8 persoane care participa la Academia de vara din Koln, Germania, in perioada 29.07-11.08.2013

Trimite e-mail la office@euroest.org , pana pe 25 mai 2013, scrie-ne despre tine si arata-ne ce te reprezinta folosind mijloacele artistice specifice.

Completeaza formularul atasat (http://www.euroest.org/news) cu informatii despre tine si inscrie-te pana pe 25 mai 2013 pentru unul dintre cele 14 locuri disponibile fara taxa de participare, in cadrul proiectului!

Persoane de contact:
Arina Raileanu
tel: 0721354054

sau mai simplu: office@euroest.org

Un proiect Roots’n'Routes http://www.rootsnroutes.eu/home,
implementat in Romania prin Fundatia de Tineret EuroEst http://www.euroest.org/news,

Descara formularul

Finantat prin Programul Drepturi Fundamentale si Cetatenie (2007-2013) al Comisiei Europene.

http://www.rootsnroutes.eu/home | http://www.euroest.org | http://www.u-care.org/


In Romania, from 2009, Roots&Routes projects are organized by EuroEst Youth Foundation

http://www.rootsnroutes.eu  |  http://www.rootsnroutes.tv

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